Strange Truths

Gazing out of the window

Gazing out of the window I can see the mysteries of this world
people scurrying and the homeless man on the curb isn’t it funny I am sitting here in luxury while he does not have a home this irony is what people call fortune !!!!!and everyone has his own…
gazing out of the window I see numerous faces some wrinkled some fresh some of them hurrying along others don’t even know to go which way !faces some happy,some sad, some expressionless, some just living life while some are on a quest…
gazing out of the window I see the swaying trees and the children chuckling and playing going home from school, their lives so simple just like when the clouds come in monsoon and the blue sky goes gray….i wonder why can’t life always be this way…gazing out of the window the damp monsoon breeze caressing my face as the trickling rain drops gave me an embrace made me remember you dancing in the rain arms wide open as if summoning the Gods to pour down the love as the clouds opened up to give sun its way…
gazing out of the window…


Lesson he gave

“Life has taught me a few things and I have learnt a lot from it” he said in his gruff voice that just hanged in the air.

I just sat there could not take my eyes of his lips as I was not sure what I felt…as he turned his back on me I went numb as I saw his hands interlocked with two fingers missing in the left and a cigar burned in the rest…its smoke caressed my senses as he said ” learn to respect the law if you want to defy it” …these words got carved in my mind…my life…my soul… I was struck by this man’s aura so ominous you felt possessed, he had a reputation a reputation no one wants and here I was kneeling in front of him with a gun to my head, all I felt was the purest of hate for him as my brain was calculating the impossible odds of getting out of death, my mind raced with thoughts…blurred images zipped past I couldn’t control them…was it fear? Was it despair? Just when I thought I would pass out his voice intruded my solace “Son Fear is the weapon and the biggest asset, as fear may break you or make you believe in yourself”….


Love her for her

It doesn’t matter if the person you love loves you or not, you love them is the only thing that should be there.

Life is the moments which become memories and those memories are experiences which make you whole.

People come along but everyone is their own, you cannot possess an individual all you can do is cherish their memory and carve them in your soul…

So love her even if she doesn’t love you, love her even if she doesn’t want you, love her for her choice,love her for her because love is to make people free not tie them for our eyes…


“A conversation with myself”

Living in a free world such a great thought shattered by hate, the irony of democracy is that by rules you have to play… A free world such a farce when even for a drop of water someone has to pay…there is nothing free in this world as hunger is the biggest killer today…

…A free world is in what I live where I have to follow certain ways as these are the rules decided by people like us who have never been free of the desires of power and the greed that keeps growing in our head…

…The ways of the free world make me laugh as justice here is to murder a murderer and make war for peace and make nations pay…

…A free world tied down like a rabid dog for if we are truly free there will not be aspirations, no power and no wealth that can be displayed…so much for the free world.


“Wandering Mind”

Thinking thoughts about things that worry me and not, what is this world about??
now! now! why am i worried about this? that’s what I really want to sort out!what do i really want?money?fame?love?enlightenment?what???that’s not what i am worried about!i have money,fame i want,love is there but it’s never enough,enlightenment is all the mistakes i make so it can never stop…Thinking thoughts about…what the person in front of you is really thinking about?he is talking to you,laughing at your soggy humor,he is giving you full attention but his eyes wander around!!!!, is this what i worry about?because I am doing the same thing thinking and trying for a reason to sneak out!!…Thinking thoughts about the things i used to think the dreams of a child and fantasies as a teen I have lost them in this world of thrust goals which you don’t want to achieve all there is left is vivid memories of dreams of what you really wanted to be,but still living life and loving it!!!!…
Thinking thoughts about…. what I am and where i was there is nothing similar but just my “wandering mind” thinking thoughts…



He put on a worn out denim to fit into the mob, with a white T-shirt which yelled out rebellion with words “Will Die for Peace” with signs of God……..

He merged with them like the morning sky merges everyday in our life to which we don’t give much thought……

He chanted with them the many things which made them worthless to some fellow human beings …that’s when he thought it is such farce as we all live for which we always kill, it has a deeper thought as to live we kill our needs, our dreams, our belief giving it a name called “Sacrifice” to be a good human being….

Stepping to the side he lit a cigarette he saw the exodus and said “Hope, that’s what drives us hope”…”such a beautiful thing God gives us Hope which leads us or bleeds us if we fail to see its true need”….


We the people

In our world they say a man is known by his hair
And a women if she is a virgin and her color is fair,
the prejudice of our mind woven in our being,
the color, the creed, the class, education and currency
drive us apart. A poor man is a coyote for a rich man
flaunting his fat abs, who on the other hand is like a
vampire to the poor man.
Religions are abundant and each of us has our own
with thoughts of how we should live, which most
of the time is like no religion has preached.
Politician’s with visions of which no common man has thought…
The farmers toiling for a harvest all the while loosing out on each part.

The fathers telling the sons how he has lived like a man
and toiled to get this far, asking the son to work even harder
and try to become something that his son doesn’t want to be.

Generations have changed and we humans have evolved from
the likes of Socrates and Einstein, to the drugged hippies
we have come to the arrogant era of low hung denim
showing the g strings. This makes me eager with anticipation
about the next generation but that is to wait and see.

Success depends upon ones greed, which only grows
when our expectations get fulfilled.

Our brains are strange things they create weapons as well as
teach us to bake bread….it makes you feel love as hate,
it is a fascinating thing can destroy what it begins…
we the people….



She walked in just like anybody else, everyone oblivious to the truth those tears could tell she withheld, she had spent the day looking the things and she couldn’t get the one thing she needed best the candy her 6-year-old daughter had kept as her only request…

She had went from shop to shop and scouted the city end to end but that candy was elusive as the hope of giving her child the joy a joy which now would never come…
She was getting more and more desperate as the day was coming to an end she knew if she didn’t get that candy her little angle would be sad and that would break heart and as a mother she could not bear that pain…in the end she finally found it when a shopkeeper made some of that candy specially for her sensing the despair…
she thanked him and thanked him and rushed home to her daughter who smiled at her with the joy only they know, and as she gave her little angel the candy the daughters eyes lit up like the city lights up when the sun goes down and she jumped in joy and rushed to the door with hope of her eyes and joy in her heart as the mother rushed behind her the daughter turned and asked ‘where is daddy ?’…those three words pierced through the mother’s heart as she fell down tears rolling out of her eyes how could she tell her dad was no more that her dad had passed away… she took her child in her arms and cried as the candy lay on the floor the candy that dad always bought for his angel everyday and which the daughter asked for when she couldn’t see her dad anywhere….


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